How to Prevent Skin Cancer

How to Prevent Skin Cancer

There are many things that you can do to help lower your risk factors for developing skin cancer. At Penstein Dermatology in New York, NY we understand that your skin, the largest organ in the body, is constantly bombarded with possible carcinogens, and we’re here to help.  Here are some simple ways to help prevent skin cancer.

Stay Sun Safe

Most skin cancers come from ultraviolet light, or UV light, from the sun. Staying safe isn’t just a summer thought, as UV rays can still reach you in cooler weather and on cloudy days. We recommend taking precautions all the time, but especially from 10 am to 4 pm when the rays are the strongest in the United States. Anytime you see a UV index higher than 3 you should be protected with sunscreen. We also love floppy hats to protect your face and neck. Other protection is long sleeves and pants, sunglasses, and keeping as much in the shade as possible.

Reduce Indoor Tanning

Tanning beds use UV rays to tan the skin and is just as harmful as outdoor sunlight. Remember “base tans” are a sign of skin damage. Tans may be regarded as “looking healthy” but in reality, it is showing the damage that the UV rays have caused the layers of skin. It is a known cause of cancer cases in America.

Get Checked

Lastly, an annual checkup at a reputable dermatology clinic can help monitor skin changes and keep you abreast of anything out of the ordinary. It is one of the best ways to see over time any changes in moles and tags on the body.

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If you’d like to get a dermatology appointment and have your skin checked by a professional, we’re here in New York, NY to help. Our dermatologists at Penstein Dermatology can do mole checks, as well as assess you for other skin conditions. Give our office a call anytime to set up an appointment and put our years of education to work for your long-term health. Call (212) 517-5171 today.

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